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Former WCW Star Konnan Comments On Backstage Heat With KroniK & His Frustrations With The Company...

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

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In a recent Q&A of his show 'Keepin it 100' former WCW Star and nWo Original Konnan was asked about his alleged backstage heat with former WCW Tag Team KroniK (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark) and Konnan had plenty to say on that topic, as well as his overall frustrations with WCW at that time.

Konnan went into detail about what specifically was the issue between him and KroniK.

"So, basically there had been a match and I don't know if Disco was in it or not, but I know for sure and I think disco was but I know for sure Ray was in it. Juventud was in it, and they were in a house show somewhere. And I guess they had problems with Kronik that they didn't want to sell for them. And so, I got really pissed off. And so they brought me in as commentator, I was hurt at that time so I couldn't wrestle. So, I think Madden was with me that time, and I just destroyed KroniK on the fucking, you know, the thing they're like, Yo, what do you think about KroniK and I was like yeah well they're pretty tall and they have nice tans is that all, that's basically it. They can't do anything else, you know, and so I was burying them but I'm also like a heel."

Konnan explained what happened after the match and how KroniK approached him, upon hearing what he had said on commentary.

"They came backstage, both of them and they both wanted to fight me and they were like yeah you know we got calls from WWE and we got calls from our wives that you were burying us and I go well that's, you know, what am I supposed to do, put you over?"

He commented on an interview with USA Today and apparently, what he said specifically didn't go over well with Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash.

"At that time I also did an interview for USA today and I just buried WCW I was like yeah, you know, you got all these dinosaurs on top that aren't letting us guys on the bottom, you know, and then when I got I don't know, forget when I got there. It was the SuperDome, I think it was the SuperDome in New Orleans I remember because Eric and Nash who now Nash was the Booker were in some sort of a golf cart. And they were like yeah you know we read what you put in USA Today, you know, you're gonna try to tell us that was a misquote. At that time I was so pissed I didn't give a fuck, there was no misquote what you read is what I said."

What Konnan said got him in some hot water with WCW, as he commented on being suspended by then WCW Executive J.J. Dillon and it cause some strife between him, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash and allegedly the WCW Dressing Room.

"They were like well, just so you know you have heat in the dressing room. You shouldn't go into dressing room because the boys want to kick your ass for that. I was like, I've been in the dressing room for like the last two hours nobody's told me anything about what the fuck you're talking about, and Nash was like yo you're a cancer and I go to Nash you're a fucking cancer. And we kind of got into it. And they were like well go see JJ Dillon. I went to see JJ Dillon he suspended me."

Konnan was right to have his frustrations with WCW at that time, because it's well documented that the top guys in the company; Hogan, Nash, Hall, etc. were content with staying on top, while the workhorses in the company remained in the mid-card or at the bottom.

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