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Eric Bischoff Has The Highest Praise For Former WWE & ECW Star Al Snow

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

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On a recent episode of '83 Weeks' with Co-hosts Conrad Thompson & Eric Bischoff, when they reviewed the TNA Pay-per-view 'Hardcore Justice', former WWE & ECW Star Al Snow made an appearance on said show and Eric Bischoff had nothing but the highest of praise for Snow and his knowledge of the pro wrestling business.

"I love Al Snow, he's just a super guy really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Al for a few years, I worked with him when at WWE while I was in WWE when I was there as a talent, certainly got to work with Al for a couple of years in TNA and Al Snow is probably in some respects, one of the smartest people I've ever talked to in the wrestling business. He really is, he really does understand psychology. He really, really gets it, and I know he's, you know he's got his OVW Promotion and he's sure he's teaching and all of that."

Bischoff went on to say that if someone was looking to get into professional wrestling, that Snow would be one of two people he'd recommend, the other being former WWE & WCW Star Dustin Runnels.

"But if there was anybody that, if, if someone in my family or a close friend said hey, you know, I want to break into the wrestling business what school should I go to I would probably send them to Dustin, and I know he's opening up a school, or Al Snow would be the two people that I would recommend, because I have respect for both of them in terms of their knowledge of psychology and their perspective on the industry."

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