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Eric Bischoff Comments On Other Factors As To Why 2 Cold Scorpio Was Fired From WCW In 1994

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

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On a recent episode of '83 Weeks' with Conrad Thompson & Eric Bischoff when they reviewed WCW Bash at the Beach 1994, the subject was brought up as to former WCW & WWE Wrestler 2 Cold Scorpio and the speculation surrounding his firing from WCW in 1994.

After Scorpio was fired from the company that year, he claimed in interviews, that it was because of alleged violations of the company's drug policy, but Eric Bischoff set the record straight as to why he was actually let go, aside from the alleged drug use.

Bischoff had a lot of positive points regarding Scorpio as an in ring worker.

"I don't want to say he was insignificant I liked his work you know when 2 Cold was on his game and you'd see some amazing shit you know we've talked about some of the great matches that he had he was a very athletic dynamic guy for a bigger guy, you know he wasn't like a 160 pounder you know he was he was a good size guy, he could fly he could do a lot of things that other people weren't doing it that time, he was a solid performer over in Japan The Japanese liked him."

Bischoff explained in detail that the negatives about Scorpio, far outweighed the positives.

"I knew the guys in New Japan that I was close to them over there liked him. I brought him with me or he was a part of I guess the tour. Later on in 1995 and Pyongyang North Korea, so there was a lot of good things about about 2 Cold, but unfortunately he was stoned like 22 and a half hours a day, you know, and it's one thing to fail a drug test. It's another thing to show up so freakin high you can't carry on a conversation.

And one of the other, you know, limited things about 2 Cold is he sucked on the mic. He was a great performer in the ring. And he could do things that nobody else could do or nobody else was doing at the time in many respects, but he was not a character that was really going to go anywhere."

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