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Amy Rose Talks With Women's Wrestling Talk On ROH Documentary & More...

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Los Angeles, CA -- January 13, 2022

Amy Rose Talks About ROH Documentary: "We're super excited to show you guys behind the scenes. Our women's tournament recently, I'm sure all of you guys saw the coverage and saw the matches. We brought in so many new faces, and also included a lot of the originals. But it was such an amazing tournament. And throughout the whole process, we were being filmed behind the scenes getting a real raw look at what it took to bring it all together. It was a huge event, not only for Ring of Honor, but for women's wrestling in general. And I'm really, really proud of all the hard work that everyone put into it. And I can't wait for you guys to take a look in behind the scenes and see what it took to get there."

Amy Rose Talks About Hopes For ROH Going Forward: "You know, my hopes are really just that as many of us as possible can come back. You know, it's definitely going to be hard, because we did form a bit of a family and a lot of people are kind of splintering off and making, you know, new families, which I totally understand. But I think my biggest hope is just that I can be reunited with my friends. And we can get this going again, I felt like Final Battle had so much momentum behind it. And it was nice, just to feel the support and the love of all the fans that night. And I would love to continue to have that. Before everything ended, I did have a major goal in store. And what I was really hoping for was to help Max win a title outside of the Women's Division. I specifically had my eyes on that TV championship. And I wanted to break history. I wanted to go out there and show that Max can become a champion. And it doesn't necessarily have to be women's or men's division. It can be whatever Max wants it to be."

Amy Rose Talks about Max the Impaler (Beauty & the Beast): "I just love how different we are. I love how we're polar opposites, you know, we really played on that Beauty and the Beast kind of aspect of it. And you would never guess that like me or a person like me would be working with someone as scary and intimidating as Max is. But it's been incredible to watch Max's growth throughout the entire time that we've been together. And I… I 100% believe that Max is going to be a huge star in the world of wrestling. And I just hope that I get to be by their side when it happens."

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