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Anna Jay Talks With Women's Wrestling Talk On Favorite AEW Moment, The Woman's Locker Room & More...

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Los Angeles, CA -- March 22, 2022

Anna Jay Speaks on Transitions from Indies to AEW/Television: "I would say the biggest difference is when we started filming in Jacksonville and there was no audience. I mean honestly, it reminded me of training so it was almost easier for me to start off that way, because I wasn't used to having a huge crowd or the audience playing into what we were doing. So when I started there, and there was no audience it was just the wrestlers, it was almost kind of like training so I think I actually felt more comfortable. Now, transitioning from no audience in the pandemic to sold out arenas, it's been crazy! It is so much better, so cool to see everyone. It's so cool to hear everyone, and it definitely makes what we're doing way more enjoyable. I kind of had a cool transition; It almost worked out for me, and it was almost easier the way it happens."

Anna Jay Speaks On Who the Women’s Locker room Leaders Are: "Definitely those two women [Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb, I would say for sure. I think I even said this in another interview, too, but I personally would say and I think a lot of other girls would agree; Vickie Guerrero has been someone that's been great to go to. She's not a wrestler, but she's doing what we're doing, and she's there and very helpful with everything when asked. When we need help, if it's something on screen, or if it's something like our gear bins, she's been a tremendous help. Also, she's such a sweet lady, and I really appreciate all that she does. So I would definitely say her for me at least."

Anna Jay Speaks on Favorite AEW Moment: "When I debuted for the Dark Order whenever there was the whole thing with Cody and Brody, and I choked Brandi, I would say 100%. That's the moment for me that just really sealed the deal. I mean, I kind of found my place at that moment. And for it to be with those huge stars in wrestling, and them give me that moment meant so much to me. I literally will never forget it, and I definitely think now it's still my favorite."

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