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Bruce Pritchard Comments On The Genesis of Strike Force Splitting Up & Rick Martel Turning Heel

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

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On a recent episode of 'Something to Wrestle' with Co-hosts Conrad Thompson and current WWE Executive Bruce Pritchard, on the topic of the career of Rick "The Model" Martel, the subject was brought up as to the idea of Martel turning heel and breaking up Strike Force (Rick Martel & Tito Santana). Martel's said heel turn happened shortly after WrestleMania V, when during Strike Force's Match between The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) Santana accidently hit Martel with his patented 'Flying Forearm', thus knocking Martel out of the Ring and Martel subsequently walking out on Santana, costing Strike Force the match.

Pritchard commented that the idea of breaking up Strike Force and turning Martel heel was essentially the brainchild of Pat Patterson.

"Well, the idea was really was one of Pat Patterson's thinking, that Martel being an arrogant heel would work. So it's like okay let's let's bring him back, people did remember Strike Force. And if you're gonna turn heel, turn heel on a popular baby face the likes of a Tito Santana, someone that everyone loved and would care about. So reunite the team and then have Martel walk and, to your point kind of the ridiculousness of, you know, Rick: "you carry on my coat tails"... Rick, "you've been gone for six months"... or what have you. Alright, so it just, it was a lot easier to transition and put Rick right into a program with Tito. They had chemistry and had great matches."

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