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CW Champion Davienne Speaks With Women's Wrestling Talk On Past Injuries & More...

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Los Angeles, CA -- January 26, 2022

Davienne Speaks on Past Injuries: "I know every incident or like injury I've had in wrestling has mostly been to my face. I had one time where the foot of a banquet hall chair was thrown at my head, and I have a C shaped scar on my face from 15 stitches, and that was definitely a little concussion. Then you know I get knocked loopy every once in a while. Then, on New Year's Eve, I dislocated my jaw and got a concussion. That sucked. That was probably the worst one. So I am trying to be much more careful with my brain because it's very important."

Davienne Speaks On Tommaso Ciampa: "Tommaso. He probably doesn't even remember me. I hope he does, because he did leave a lasting impact on me. When I first started training, I was probably close to a year, and I had my first match about eight months in. He was recovering from an injury. I was working very close to the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, so I would get to class 45 minutes to an hour early. He would just roll around with me and help me. The boys were like, “Why does Tommaso like you? He hates girls.” I would reply, “I don't know because I'm here and he just wants somebody to roll around with?” Then when I was having my first match he went over stuff for me to do. He texted me after and asked if we got to do any of the stuff that we called. I told him no, and he was just saying, “Screw her. you're better.” One word of advice he gave me was when I went to Japan. I was 21, and everybody was saying, “Oh my God, you're in Japan. Oh, it's gonna be amazing.” He pulled me aside and said “try to not get too homesick, because I know it's gonna be hard.” He was the only one to say that. And I was like, man, like he just gets it. He's just like one of the best, and to see where he's at now is just so incredible. He's so talented. He's still one of my favorite wrestlers to watch."

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