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Former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa Talks About Shameful PWI Rankings & More!

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Thunder Rosa Talks About Training for MMA

“It’s been hard. Right now, I’m solely focused on wrestling. My travelling schedule is so crazy. I have not been able to be in the gym for over a month and a half. I was going really hard the whole entire pandemic and then as soon as I started travelling for AEW, things started getting out of whack. Any time that I have, I try to do shadow boxing or find an MMA gym and get my reps in. “

Thunder Rosa Talks About The Next Steps For Mission Pro Wrestling

“The show is fully booked for the month of December, we are still going. Even if there are no fans allowed, we will still have the show. I think we are almost sold out again. We have been keeping social distancing as much as possible and protecting our staff and our fans. One of the main things (we are doing), just like we were doing on Prime Time (is), we are enforcing our staff to be tested. Every single person that works there, because it’s so important that everybody takes care of each other. I mean we are a community and if someone gets COVID then we are all messed up. We can't work, we can’t make money.”

Thunder Rosa Talks About the Wrestling School She is Opening with Jazz

“We are opening a school, next week we are going to put the ring in the school and we are going to be opening pretty soon. So we are very very excited about this. We are going to be doing recruiting for women. And I know it’s a big task... women are the ones who drop out the most in professional wrestling. But I think it’s worth it and it’s time. And I have such a great mentor, Jazz. Such a strong person of colour that has gone through the stuff that I have gone through myself.”

Thunder Rosa Talks About Why She Revamped Mission Pro Wrestling

“The whole reason why Mission Pro Wrestling was revamped is because of the speak-out movement. And I think we are making waves. I have so many interviews like Texas Monthly is about to do an interview about this... and I talk extensively about the sexual harassment I went through; without saying names of course because I don’t go that way. But, expressed many times how I felt when I was being brought up in the business, like someone would be grabbing or saying stuff to me to the point where I had to speak out and said, ‘Stop touching me’ in front of everybody. ”

Thunder Rosa Talks About What Drives Her

“I just want to make a difference. Sarah, you can speak for me too, we’ve seen some shit in some of the places we have worked. And the whole like putting people down and feeling like you can’t talk because you will be blackballed… that really has been eating me for years. And, now that I’m in that place where I can make a huge change in a positive way...I’m ready. I’m ready to bring those who are with me and work with me to get to the next level and treat each other with respect and create another environment; where we thrive by helping each other. We thrive by getting better matches, we thrive by getting paid better almost as equal as the male stars. I mean, I can not tell you how many times I went to Japan, some of my friends who were working in Japan they had racks of thousands of dollars. And they are like, ‘how much are you getting paid and I’m like, ‘I’m getting paid $200 per match. That’s it’. So it’s like, there is such a discrepancy between men and females in pay, it’s ridiculous. So, the more we educate ourselves and we make people understand that women are a draw and that we deserved to be paid equally, things are going to happen. ”

Thunder Rosa Talks About being Ranked on the PWI List

“They interviewed me. I was very clear, I told them it was shameful of them because I was working my ass off. Just because I didn’t have a title, that prestigious title on me or I wasn’t on a top TV show, didn’t mean I didn’t know my worth. I know my worth from day one. I knew from day one when I lost the $3,000 talking to my husband that we are going to make it far and we are going to make it big; I knew that. I knew that when I was having matches with the not very talented talent that people were telling them, that was the best match they ever had. I knew I had something going on. Waiting for that long, to be number 14 or be recognized… it was kinda shameful, honestly. Having a number on a ranking system or not having it, didn’t mean anything to me. I already knew who I was and I already knew what I can bring to the table. And, I’ve shown it over and over again. It’s just reinforcement my work is being noticed and it’s paying off. But like I said, that doesn’t define me.”

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