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Former WCW Executive Jim Herd Breaking Silence In Upcoming Interview Series

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In an upcoming interview series from AdFreeShows.com & Conrad Thompson, former controversial WCW Executive Jim Herd will break his silence, for the first time in nearly two decades since being released by the company in 1992. The site released an official announcement on Herd's upcoming interview on November 10th.

JIM HERD COMING TO ADFREESHOWS.COM The Former WCW Executive Vice President to Break Years of Silence in New Interview Series For the first time in almost 20 years, former WCW Executive Vice President Jim Herd is doing an interview about his experience in the world of professional wrestling as part of a brand new interview series exclusive to AdFreeShows.com. “Jim Herd has never sat down for a full-length career retrospective on camera and to the best of my knowledge he hasn’t even given a phone interview since early 2001,” said interview host Conrad Thompson. “We’ve heard from nearly every major name in the industry about the ‘Jim Herd era’ but we’ve never gotten to hear Herd’s side – until now. Because he remained silent in spite of countless negative interviews or personal attacks lobbied his way, many folks began to accept those personal opinions as facts. As a result, I don’t think history has been completely fair to Mr. Herd. I wanted to take an objective look at his time in WCW to discuss both the good and the bad nearly 30 years later. I believe this interview will change the narrative about Jim Herd.”

Herd was hired as Executive Vice President of World Championship Wrestling in 1988. His tenure began on January 3, 1989 and lasted until January 8, 1992. This epic conversation includes details of Herd’s background in wrestling prior to getting the job with Turner Broadcasting, how and perhaps why he was chosen, and ultimately why he left the position. Everything in between including the McMahons, the Crocketts, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Cornette, Tully Blanchard, and of course his incredibly tumultuous relationship with Ric Flair will be discussed.

“The Voice of Wrestling” Jim Ross was WCW’s lead announcer at the time and is  now a major contributor to AdFreeShows.com. Ross became a trusted advisor to Herd, even becoming a staple on Herd’s now infamous “booking committee.” Ross described Herd to us, “Polarizing… controversial… misunderstood. A magnificent ‘get’… can’t wait!”

Multiple time WCW Television and Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson, who is also a contributor at AdFreeShows.com, knew all-too-well how polarizing Herd could be. When asked about Herd, Arn said, “I remember Jim Herd telling me, ‘Since Tully failed his drug test with WWF we’re not hiring him after all. You’re not worth as much as a single, so we’re cutting your money by $150,000.”

Tony Schiavone, another major contributor to AdFreeShows.com, received a major raise under Herd’s leadership in 1989 but it wasn’t enough to keep Schiavone from leaving for Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation. Tony explained, “Jim Herd was a good guy. He was demanding but easy to work for. I just felt sometimes he was in over his head in running a pro wrestling company without prior experience. In many ways it was a no-win situation.”

This must-see-event debuts Tuesday, November 10th exclusively on AdFreeShows.com.

A trailer for the interview with Herd can be viewed below.

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