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Henry Godwinn & Josh Woods Speak To Shining Wizards On PURE Wrestling In ROH, Undertaker & More...

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Recently Henry Godwinn & Josh Woods joined The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast (www.ShiningWizards.com) to discuss a variety of subjects. Below you will find the transcript of a few topics that were discussed.

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Episode 525: H.O.G. in the WOODS

HENRY GODWIN PRESSER On seeing Undertaker: "Oh my God, where to start? Well, you know, Bruce Prichard had called me and said Undertaker’s retiring, we’d like to get you guys down here. He (Undertaker) wants you here. I said, you don’t have to ask me twice. I’ll be there. It’s been 20 years since the whole BSK group had been in the same room together. I’d been with Papa (Shango), Rikishi, Savio, and Phineas but we had all never been together in twenty years. So we flew down there and everyone was meeting that night, we had are Covid tests and everybody passed, so we went to the bar and Taker was gonna be there about 10:30 so we hung out. And then here comes Taker and that’s when all the shit began. Four bottles of Jack and about 100 beers later and Godfather & Undertaker were putting me to bed at 3:30. We put in twenty years in one night, so I’m good for another twenty."

On his relationship with Triple H: "It’s awesome with Hunter because we started out in WCW pretty much together, me him and Dennis. And we got let go at the same time, so me and him went on up to WWF and low and behold, they teamed us up together and that was our first big thing up in WWF. But we’ve always been close. We were on the road together a lot, through the whole Chyna thing and even with Stephanie and I love Steph. They’re just good people. But when me and Hunter hugged that night, and we were backstage talking, really, I wanted to well up. The boys always meant a lot to me. So it was a good time. Hog Pen Match: I don’t think Hunter will ever get over the hog pen match. We hung out and took some pictures and hung out for about 20 minutes and talked and reminisced about our old times. I always tell him that I when I threw you into the gate, I scarred you for life. You got those 15 stitches so you’ll always remember me."

ON BSK: We all knew each other as kids. "I used to go to California and stay at Yokozuna’s house and Rikishi would be there, and his kids and his sister. It was a big family affair with them out on the west coast. We were just a group of guys that hit it off. We all had the same beliefs. It wasn’t that we were bad asses or nothing. We were just a group of big guys that got along. We didn’t have any problems…We’d always get the question: “How was it backstage with you and the clique?” We were all the boys. We didn’t have no harsh words for them. We were all friends. It’s just this group of guys hung out. It was just a close group. It was diverse. We had Blacks, we had Hawaiians, we had Samoans, we had Asians, we had rednecks and hillbillies and we were all just one big happy family. For us to get along with our different backgrounds, you’d think our country could get along. That’s what we always said." Brawl for All: "Well, everyone said I won because I had the takedowns. But it was more for fun. They came to me, and I just had nose surgery two months before, so I was a little skeptical about doing it. But they talked me into it. I was like what the hell, let’s do it. You get a good payday for ten minutes. But it was brutal, but for some of the guys, it affected them way after. It hurt some guys’ careers, I think. I didn’t like it. We’re not boxers, I just didn’t like it. They just said you guys go in and box. You can shoot and you’ll have takedowns. That’s how you score. I think I had two or three takedowns, and me and Bradshaw connected a couple times. He had a bloody nose, and of course the right side of my cheek was numb for like six weeks because I just had that surgery so I was on the defense, you know, trying not to get hit on that side. I think it was a little bit out of our wheelhouse. It wasn’t right for us."


On his tag team with Silas vs PURE: "I don’t know. All progress is good progress, right? If any one of those routes leads me to a championship run, I don’t really care which one does it. If someone had a gun to my head, and they say alright pick one, I’d probably say um, I guess I’d probably say the PURE title. Shhh don’t tell Silas. I enjoy that more. I enjoy kind of being able to do that just because I’ve been wrestling for so long and that’s essentially very niche for what I do. But I don’t know man. Apples and Oranges, right? Like you can compare them, they’re both fruits. They’re both great, but at the end of the day, they’re very different in their own. Like, I love what I’m doing with Silas. I love how much he’s helped me grow. Essentially I wouldn’t be, and I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I wouldn’t be as successful now doing the pure stuff or been in that opportunity had I not been with Silas. So you kind of have to give that credit there because I don’t think I’d be as far as I am right now without him. But like all birds, you must fly from the nest."

Violence/fighting or Pure Wrestling in ROH: "That’s a good question man, because I guess if you break my background down in the simplest form, combat sports has essentially kind of been my thing. If I had to pick a side, I think I’d still kind of go for the PURE thing because that’s just what I enjoy. That’s what I like doing. But if it came down to it and I actually had to step over that line and actually get in to the fight side, I’d be cool with that. I don’t fear anybody on this roster. I don’t fear anybody any time. If it came down to it, I think I’d be good with both sides, but if I had to pick one or the other to identify as, civil war style, I’m definitely going to go with being on the pure wrestling side because if I can’t outstrike you…hahaha, that’s not happening…I can definitely out wrestle you so I’m content either way. So, I’ll stick with the pure wrestling side. But Brody (King)’s not wrong man. The Foundation, and one of the pillars this company has been built on is pure wrestling, but it’s also the other side of that. The foundation has also been built upon violence, aggression, attitude so you can’t have one without the other. I wouldn’t mind jumping into that mix because, cool, I’ll out wrestle you, but if you want to start throwing hands and throwing strikes, sign me up for that too. I like that."

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