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Jim Ross Comments On Jim Cornette And His Dislike For Being On The Road

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

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On a recent episode of 'Grillin JR' with Co-hosts Conrad Thompson & legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross, in regard to the topic of Jim Cornette, Ross spoke candidly on Cornette's dislike for travelling and being on the road, during their early time in professional wrestling.

Ross spoke on he and Cornette travelling to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Ross had nothing but high praise for the city of Vancouver, but Cornette on the other hand, had his frustrations with Vancouver as a whole, when attempting to commute around the city.

"Vancouver is a great place to visit really truly is a beautiful city. It's very multicultural, there's a lot of different ethnicities that live there, it's a really cool town, Vancouver's a really cool town, beautiful. But we stopped at a stop sign, a stoplight. He wants to make a right on red, and he didn't want to wait till the light changes so he could make the legal right. So he, but the people are walking. He starts cutting promos on every ethnic group that he can see. Then he reared back in the seat, he put his feet on the steering wheel and sort of stomping the steering wheel, he'd honk the horn you know incessantly and he's stomping away, but he finally had gone as far as you go. We made it that we finally got to turn on that red or make a right turn, I don't think we've ever, I think at all, I think it turned green. Eventually, he's pissed off about the traffic laws, pissed off but the people walking by, and they didn't let us turn. And then I didn't see him again for like 24 hours. I think he went to sleep. He just hibernated."

Ross went on to explain how Cornette just wasn't a fan of travelling and being on the road, even though it was part of the life in professional wrestling.

"He's the kind of guy that would go to the hotel, and never allow the maids to come in his room. "I don't want them touching my shit, they touch my shit I'm gonna have it", so his travel was a big issue for him. So, when you talk about the travel, driving those 2000 plus miles a week. If you're a main event guy in Mid South back in that era, you're working all the big clubs, that would generally equate to about a 2000 plus miles a week drive. So you just, you're a road warrior, not Hawk and Animal. You're a real legit Road Warrior. And so I think travel was always an issue there. He didn't like getting out his comfort zone and who does. But that was the deal, travel was not as friend, he didn't like it. He had a certain thing, places he wanted to be, he'd want to stop at Wendy's. He had his way, like Monsoon wanted to stop you know at Bob Evans. It's just the way it was, you're on the road so much you get these habits. So he was, he was not friendly to travel and of course now he didn't have to worry about it. He's home in Louisville and he's got his business he's got a couple of really strong podcasts that he produces, and he's got his life, exactly the way he wants it. He does everything he wants to do from the wrestling business side of the coin, out of his home in Louisville, and that's kind of I think what he's always dreamed of being able to do and now he's finally there."

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