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Jim Ross Comments On The One Thing That Surprised Him When He Went To The WWE & More...

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

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In a recent episode of 'Grilling JR' with Co-hosts Conrad Thompson and legendary pro wrestling announcer Jim Ross, on the topic of him leaving WCW to go to the WWE, Ross was asked on a number of noteworthy topics. Here are some highlights.

Ross comments on the one thing that surprised him when he jumped to the WWE from WCW.

"I was surprised at how hands on Vince was on everything, and how some people can make that a negative, as they do, has challenged me to comprehend and ascertain. He was involved in everything. I remember going to a meeting one time and I had to wait to pick to talking to the artists about t-shirts, though. Seriously, I followed that meeting, but yes, him being hands on in every area was admirable. And one of the reasons that he will have those, those, you might get a conference call at one in the morning who doesn't believe in sleep when he told me in many many years... "sleep is our enemy..." Sleep is our enemy." So, anyway he's awake at that time, he's thinking of something."

Ross went on to say when it came to Vince McMahon, being average wasn't an option and his eccentric qualities are what made him the success he is today.

"He didn't get to be who he is, by being average. And why anybody would think he's... well you know he's a little bit eccentric... No ***t. How did you figure that out Dr. Phil?"

Ross was asked if there would have been any different circumstances in place, that would have him stay in WCW and he did comment on how good Ted Turner was to him and his family financially.

"I didn't know what I was gonna miss in the WWE because I've never been there. I'll be it even not even to meeting Mr. McMahon in that Augusta Meeting. And I guess the only link I had with, or J.J. (Dillon) was there. I knew J.J. from his Crockett days and Bruce, by the way, both are honorable guys and are good friends. I probably would have stayed. You know I had to quit Falcon Football cuz I took the WWE job. There was no. There was no charge, I didn't like that but I had to do it was, geography, living in Connecticut. Can't get to practice to the week. And you can't do... your you know, I did the pregame show and I did a coach's show, at times, the jargon just didn't work for me and I wasn't high enough up on the ladder to come in just for game days, you had to be working. Prior to that, there was no time to do that in travel. So I lost that that gig so if I stayed. I'm sure I was staying with the Falcons and it probably would have expanded my role. There was a a lot of upside staying there, notwithstanding the fact that I felt that loyalty to Turner. I did feel loyalty to Turner. He paid me a lot of money more than I'd ever dreamed I'd ever make. And when we moved to Atlanta. He's very good to me as far as housing and all that stuff."

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