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Jim Ross Comments On Yokozuna's Debut & Impact In the WWE (F)

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On the latest edition of 'Grillin JR' with Co-hosts Conrad Thompson and iconic professional wrestling announcer Jim Ross, while on the topic of the late great Yokozuna, Ross was asked by Thompson if he thought there was ever a bigger character debut in the WWE (F) than the debut of Yokozuna. Ross shared his thoughts and he was very complementary of Yoko's debut and overall impact in the WWE.

"I don't know that there has Conrad, I don't, I don't know if there has. It... all the right pieces were put in place by Vince. And the other thing is, is that his further testimony and documentation that the boys, the top boys the Randy Savages, the Bret Harts of the world were, they were very sure that they were on to a winner. And they wanted to work with Yoko because they knew there'd be money there."

Ross went on to comment that Yokozuna's overall star power and impact in the company, would be a pretty much guaranteed big payday for any WWE Superstar who worked matches with him.

"So, I'm and again, that was an error before, big guaranteed contracts, so were any contracts guaranteed? As far as I can remember, in that era might have been some. But, but the bottom line is you, primarily your income was derived on ticket sales, pay per view buys that kind of thing. Not on guaranteed money on a weekly check. So, those guys knew that if they were booked Yokozuna in a live event, there's a very good chance that live events gonna be successful. And therefore, the pie is going to be baked a little bit bigger, and their slice is going to be more healthy."

Most wrestling fans would agree that Yokozuna's impact in the WWE (F) was massive and he was without a doubt, in the top five when it comes to big men in WWE history.

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