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Jim Ross Responds To Dave Meltzer's Criticism Of RAW Match Booking From 2001

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

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In a recent episode of 'Grilling JR' with Co-hosts Conrad Thompson and Jim Ross, where they watched and reviewed an episode of WWE RAW from August 20th, 2001, the subject was brought up of how former WWE Stars Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler were utilized in a match from that episode of RAW. Excerpts from Dave Meltzer's 'Wrestling Observer' Newsletter were read and Meltzer was highly critical of Wilson and Keibler and their lack of overall skill and in his opinion, neither were ready to wrestle on the WWE's Flagship Show. Jim Ross responded to Meltzer's criticism and he certainly didn't pull any punches on the topic.

"You know I respect Dave Meltzer immensely. But bullshit, here's what you got. You don't over analyze and overstate the obvious. We knew that Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler were not ready to wrestle, but that's what the boss (Vince McMahon) wanted. Those were the plays that were called, and whether we all like it or not, it don't give a shit, it doesn't matter. That's what he wanted and that's what we gave them, and I admire other women for again getting out of their comfort zone, taking a chance or even getting themselves a little bit, and going where they had not gone before."

Ross went on to comment that sometimes it's best not to over-analyze and that Wilson and Keibler were doing the best they could, based on their skill set at that time in the WWE.

"So, this other stuff is so f***ing over analyzed it's not even funny God Almighty. "Well they weren't ready, you know, Shibuya kapa haka and All Japan in 1989, you should have seen that man." Well it ain't 1989. Okay. And I can't understand a word he says, How about that. So, and look, this match I'm sure got a good rating. Don't know, but I bet it got a good rating, a lot of star power there. And they did what they could do within the confines of their skill set. Simple as that. Don't over-analyze shit folks come on."

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