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Matt Cardona Comments On The WWE Superstar He Hated Working With

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Former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) was a recent guest on the Fightful Podcast and he commented on the one WWE Wrestler whom he hated working with in the ring, and the answer may surprise some wrestling fans, as it was his former tag team partner Mojo Rawley. Cardona said that even though he was friends with Rawley, he had a hard time working with him in a professional manner in the ring.

"I hated working with Mojo professionally. No. When we first started as the Hype Bros in NXT, I didn’t know anything about Mojo. He didn’t know anything about me. It was HHH’s idea to put us together. If it was HHH’s idea and this was an opportunity for me, I said let’s do it. Let’s make this work however we can. It’s actually because of going down to NXT so often that I ended up moving to Orlando. It’s actually because of Mojo really that I met Chelsea because I met her in Orlando. So really I have to thank Mojo for all this. He was always a hard worker and wanted to try different things. He wanted to learn. But at the point we became the Hype Bros on WWE TV, I was kind of over it already. We already been doing the Hype Bros for a year or so in NXT. Not really doing anything in NXT but just being there."

*Transcription Credit c/o WrestlingNewsCo.

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