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Nevaeh Comments On Her First Few Months In IMPACT Wrestling, Her Origins In SHIMMER

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On a recent episode of Sassy Stephie's 'Talkin Sass' Podcast, current IMPACT Wrestling Star Nevaeh talked on numerous topics regarding her career in professional wrestling, here are a few of note.

Navaeh commented that she's been wrestling since 2004 and she's wrestled several IMPACT Stars like Madison Rayne during that time and how both women grew up in the same wrestling region.

"I think after I got my gear on I stood there and it’s like: For me, Madison (Rayne), and Jessica (Havok), really three girls that came from Ohio – different parts – started at the same time, are we really on television for a PPV? It was one of those surreal moments that people talk about…it’s intense, it’s crazy."

Nevaeh talks on her time in SHIMMER and how during that time "Divas" were going out of style in professional wrestling and how it was hard for her to sell herself as a legitimate worker because of her esthetic style.

"It was a lot of pressure in the sense of women’s wrestling was just starting that movement of being recognized as being just athletes instead of just the ‘looks’ portion of wrestling. Ashley Lane and myself at the time, to be these young, blonde head girls, we kinda had a stereotype we had to break I felt like. People would look at us and not necessarily think, ‘oh they’re good wrestlers,’ but look (at us) more like ‘they’re still divas’… For me, it was that constant mindset of having to prove what we could do in the ring."

Nevaeh talks on how appreciative she was, when she received her big break in 2020 from IMPACT Wrestling.

"I love it. Especially since you know, you’ve been part of the business – you understand the struggle and how hard you fight. Your schedule, and your work, and your children, and your family, and your body. I feel like, is it finally paying off, all the hard work – is it finally paying off? So I kinda feel overwhelmed; it’s overwhelming, please don’t ever stop feeling."

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