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Numerous Female Pro Wrestlers Come Forward Against Men In The Industry Who've Abused Their Power...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Over the past few days, several female pro wrestlers have come out on social media, to speak out against men in the industry who've abused their powers against them, who've physically, mentally and even sexually abused them. Many female pro wrestlers have shared their stories about unspeakable situations, that bottom line should never happen to anyone in the business of professional wrestling.

English Wrestler Millie Mackenzie shared her story against her former employer, the promoter of Ironfist Wrestling, who wanted a more than professional relationship with the then 15 year old MacKenzie.

Female Pro Wrestler Mariah May, had a detailed account of how her former trainer at Hustle; Sid Scala sexually assaulted her during her time there.

There are but a few examples, of how many more female pro wrestlers are coming forward to attempt to stop the abuse against them and many more women in the business, who are trying to start their careers in professional wrestling. Bottom line, this abuse of power and total disregard of women's rights in professional wrestling has to stop immediately.

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