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NWA Women’s Champion, Serena Deeb Talks About Gunning For The AEW Championship & More!

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Serena Debb Talks About Her Match with Thunder Rosa

“I think with someone like Thunder Rosa, it’s really easy. It’s just little things such as timing and just how you connect in the ring with somebody; those are easier with someone on her level. In ring communication through your body and through your voice and all of that. When someone is super experienced and awesome such as she is, the communication is smoother and just more simple.”

Serena Deeb Knew She Would Get Back Into The Ring Again

“To be honest with you, while I was coaching and I absolutely loved my coaching job, it really let me grow as a human being, so much so I’m super grateful for it. But the whole time I was coaching, I had a feeling that I may not be done wrestling. But obviously I was embracing that chapter and that role in my life. So there was this part of me that was like ‘ I don’t feel done. Like in my heart I don’t feel done.’ And there was this other part of me that was trying to be super present with that job and embracing what that was bringing to me in my life. So, I think there was always a large portion of me that didn’t feel done and still had something to contribute in the ring. And all of this with AEW and NWA has really happened so fast. And it has been great..”

Serena Deeb Talks About Who She Wants To Have Her Next Match With

“So many, I mean there is an entire roster of women that I haven’t had the chance to get in the ring with before. But, I would say first and foremost, Hikaru Shida, the AEW women’s champion is someone that... I really like her wrestling style and I think she has been a great champion.”

Serena Deeb Talks About Going For The AEW Women’s Title, While NWA Champion

“That is absolutely what I’m gunning for. I think, you know, it would be really powerful to hold two championships at the same time especially for two of the top companies in the world. When I first joined the AEW roaster, I 100% had my sights set on being the champion. Then there was a crossover with NWA and I started doing stuff with them. So, it's 100% what I'm looking at and where I’m looking at going.”

Serena Deeb Talks About Working With Prime Time Live

“It was really interesting. There were obviously no fans there and that’s just the signs of the times right now. But, I think that was my first time being in a studio like that because at Daily's Place we always have… at least there are people ringside and there is a little bit of noise and the nights we get to have fans there is a lot more noise. But that was my first real experience in the Covid era of working in a studio. So, it was really interesting and I felt like I was really present in the match. ”

Serena Deeb Talks About Getting The Call From AEW

“The call from AEW was I mean, when I say last second, it was like about 48 hours before the Dynamite match. It was sort of like an inquiry as to… would it something I’m interested in, is it what I’m prepared for and looking for at the moment. I went into it with this mind set of, I’m going to make the best of this opportunity… you know, try to go out there and have a great match. And I didn’t foresee anything coming because I was just focused on that experience. And making that as awesome as I could. Obviously, it went really well and things were really positive moving forward from that. So, like I said everything else that happened since then has been happening really fast. The opportunity to work with NWA was absolutely like, just an honor and amazing.”

Serena Deeb Talks About The Evolution of Women’s Wrestling

“I mean from a female stand point the business is a completely different place. As you guys know, I started my training and it was still like the Diva’s era and they were doing the Diva’s search every year. The qualities in performers that they were looking for were very different. So, if you were about the wrestling, it wasn’t always the best environment for that or the most conducive to growing in that area. It’s weird being out of the ring for as long as I was … almost 5 years and then coming back into that role and seeing all those changes. To even have a women's match on the card let alone an awesome women’s match is huge, compared to 15 years ago.”

Serena Deeb Talks The Wrestler She was Most Impressed By At The Performance Center

“There are some who are naturals and wrestling just clicks with. Rhea Ripley is an example of that. She was somebody that from the second I saw her,I was like ok, the girl is going to be a star and do big things in this business and watching the growth of someone like in the time I was there was really rewarding and just proud.”

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