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Tasha Steelz Talks With Women's Wrestling Talk On Beating Mickie James, Kiera Hogan & More...

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Impact Knockouts World Champion, The Boricua Badass Tasha Steelz Talks about her time with Kiera Hogan, beating Mickie James and her growth.


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Los Angeles, CA -- March 11, 2022

Tasha Talks about her time with Kiera Hogan:

"I will say we are the best women's tag team ever. Ever! That's on period! We are the best women's tag team. There was no other tag team and any company anywhere that has got the fire and the flavor, like Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. There was no other tag team during a pandemic that can give you all that entertainment, and had people talking every single week as to what they're going to do next and how they're going to entertain us next. There was no other tag team that did things and and said the things that we that we've said and done there were people I will tell you this there were people other talents, when we would cut our promos and we would do our backstage stuff. They will literally stop what they're doing and stand around because they are waiting to see what we're going to do and how we're going to entertain people. There was nobody like fire and flavor and unfortunately had to put that fire out. But it's okay. It's alright. I heard she's doing well in the realm. Kudos to Kiera Hogan. See you down the road booboo. That’s on period!"

Tasha Steelz Talks about her match with Mickie James at Sacrifice:

"I had to get in Mickey James's head a lot more. I felt like I wasn't in her head enough. You know, of course, this is Mickie James, you know what I'm saying. The woman who's the self proclaimed queen of mind games, you know, I had to hit her with that, uh, that that that Stratus faction real quick, on Chelsea green. So let her know that I'm in your head too, because I'm sure if you lost a few times to that move now, didn't you Mickie? You did lose a couple of times to that. So I had to get in her head. She didn't think I was gonna do that. She didn't think I was going to do that. And when it shocked her, oh she was not ready for that. So when I went to Sacrifice, okay, unfortunately, Chelsea green got her arm broke. But that's what happens when you go against the Virtuosa. the champ champ. You get your arm broken. So there you have it. You know, Mickie James took our eye off the ball. Why are you worried about Chelsea when you got the Boricua Badass that’s got that target? Right on you. You know, so that was her fault. And I let the legend fall and I beat her. So..."

Tasha Steelz Talks about her growth: “By any means necessary”

"That was the start. That was definitely the start of it. Because I felt like this will be my chance. You know, especially departing from Kiera. We're no longer tag champions. So where do I go from here? Okay, here comes an opportunity. All right. Well, I've been told no, in the past, I've had doors shut in my face. I've been overlooked. I've never been looked at at all. So it's just this was just like the you're gonna look at me now moment. And I'm gonna do what I need to do, by any means necessary to make sure that you're looking at me. So yeah, that was just the start of it. And continuing on. And like I said, this is this was my theme of 2022 by any means necessary we're gonna keep continuing on. Yes, I'm a Knockouts champion but I'm not done yet you know I still got a lot more to prove and I will do it by any means necessary. Period!"

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