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The Undertaker Comments On Being A World Champion & If He Thinks It Made His Character Stronger

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On the latest edition of 'Broken Skull Sessions' "One More Round" with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the WWE Network with his guest The Undertaker, the pair talked on a number of noteworthy topics of Taker's Career in the WWE. One topic of note, was Taker's thoughts on being a world champion. He was asked by Austin on his overall thoughts on a world championship belt, with Undertaker being a multiple time world champion himself and here's what he had to say.

"Obviously I think it goes on the guy that's, that's putting asses in seats. I like the old school mentality of finding that guy, and as long as that guy's riding that wave like you do. That's your guy. I think you stick with that guy. If you look back in history you think a world champion you think a Ric Flair, you think Harley Race. Yeah, who's world champion? Ric or is it... right Harley Yeah, there's just certain names that are synonymous with being World Champion."

Austin went on to offer his opinion on The Undertaker as a WWE Champion, and he commented that he thought that having the belt didn't necessarily make or break Taker, as an overall star in the company. Undertaker had this to say about Austin's observation.

"No, and I don't think when people look back on my career, whether seven times or not. I don't think they're gonna be looking back at that, they don't think world champion at all. And I'm fine with that. I don't think that that really affects and it wasn't, you know, I was always that great guy to be going after it, because the guy, because I never lost really. So I was, I was always great chasing, I always thought I was much better in the chase than actually having it, and in the times that I know that there were plans for extended runs. I ended up getting hurt you know yeah and just the way it is, but I don't really think I like I said the chase was always better for the undertaker than than actually having the title, because then has the as a baby face monster champion, it's kind of a tough situation to book... So, but that monster baby face chasing is like cool, Undertaker gets his hands on this guy he's gonna become champion."

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