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Tony Schiavone Comments on Sabu's Lackluster WCW Nitro Debut In 1995

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

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On a recent episode of 'What Happened When' with Conrad Thompson and former WCW Commentator Tony Schiavone, when they reviewed the debut episode of WCW Nitro and the topic came up of ECW Legend Sabu's less than memorable WCW Debut on the second episode of Nitro, where Sabu wrestled Alex Wright. Schiavone commented that the video packages that were compiled to showcase Sabu's Career prior to his debut, weren't done all that well.

Schiavone commented on said video packages on Sabu.

"I had heard about all that and I was familiar with who Sabu was, I thought, even back up on the second Nitro which was in Miami back up to the first Nitro and we did a video package and again, here we are, Monday morning quarterback. To me that package didn't sell shit, did not so. As a matter of fact, the package, and I don't know who's responsible for this and I apologize because the person responsible for this package, probably I know very well and I've been very friendly with in my career.

When you couldn't even see what he was doing in that package, that did nothing to sell Sabu. And you know, it was, it was almost a package to me that was trying to show how fancy we can build packages instead of putting the guy over and you know he was doing all these tumbles and they had all this, these, you know, it was just, it wasn't it wasn't well done. Hey, you don't have no anticipation for Sabu at all with fans who may have not known him at all."

These less than stellar video packages could have been the catalyst as to why Sabu didn't last very long in WCW, as there was no memorable buildup for fans to see the extreme legend who was Sabu.

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