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Women's Wrestling Talk Speaks With AEW's Leyla Hirsch On Vickie Guerrero, Wrestling In Japan & More

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In this exclusive interview, Women’s Wrestling Talk catches up with wrestling star, Leyla Hirsh about how she landed at AEW, which woman or man she wants to face next, Hana Kamura’s passing, and the veteran of the wrestling industry who gave her the best advice.

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Leyla Hirsh shares who she has her eye on at AEW

“Everybody? I want to get in a room with everybody. I think right now, though. I want to face Tay Conti….she has the Judo background, I have the amateur wrestling background. So I think we would have a killer match.”

Leyla Hirsch shares her experience wrestling in Japan

“You know, so it was a really good experience and like the culture, like, Japan is beautiful, you know, but wrestling definitely had like, its up and downs. You know, it was definitely, like, it's been my dream since like day one, like, since I discovered professional wrestling, you know, people always talked about if you go to Japan…that's an incredible honor. And it was, you know. So it was definitely tough. But definitely an experience I will never forget. You know, like, very fortunate that I got to experience that.”

Leyla Hirsh shares how influential amateur wrestling was on her life

“For me, I think if it wasn't for amateur wrestling, like, my basics wouldn't be as good. So like in amateur wrestling, and professional wrestling, footwork is like everything, you know, so because of amateur wrestling, when I stepped into professional wrestling, my footwork was there, I picked up things. So you know, so easily. You know, like an amateur wrestling, we'd have to do a lot of rolls. At amateur wrestling, that's one of the most important things is to know how to roll.

So to me, I think amateur wrestling is very similar to professional wrestling. And I think you just have to know how to combine those two together now, which I'm still learning, you know, and I think like Kurt Angle, did amazing job with that… And I would tell anybody to do amateur wrestling... to learn that stuff.”

Leyla Hirsh shares her experience working with Hana Kimura and what it meant

“Yeah, I couldn't believe it. You know, I was in shock. Again, because so to me, obviously, I didn't know him for that long. But the three months I spent in Japan. She was to me like, she was the most outgoing person. She was the first person that made me feel comfortable in Japan like more welcoming, you know? And she just she seemed like a great happy person, even in training, so outgoing.

So, yeah, when I found out like the news. I was in disbelief, like the first person I call with Sumie Sakai, you know, because I know, Sumie was super close with her, and she's just close with all the Japan people. Um, oh, yeah. hit me hard. Because I, you know, I was very fortunate that I got to spend three months without being in Tokyo Cyber Squad. So, it was it was hard. I, you know, and I was like, just like, no, she was like, only 23 years old.”

How Leyla Hirsch plans to make a difference in the industry and remembering who helped her

“Once I stepped into the ring, like and then once I've, you know, had like some experiences are it is, it is tough at times.. When you do see how people treat all the people sometimes. But that's where I feel like I can always make a difference. Like not becoming like that, you know, even though like we've made it like even though I've made it to AEW I still have so much work to do. But again, the big thing is like not changing who I am I just remembering where I came from, who are the people that helped me get here, you don't get here alone, you know, and I did. So I'm always going to be thankful for the people that have helped me. And I'm also going to make sure that people that come into AEW to treat them right to make them comfortable.”

Leyla Hirsch shares how Vickie Guerrero helps the female talent at AEW

“One person that I love in AEW is Vickie Guerrero. She's one of the most nicest people I've ever met in wrestling. But she's nice to everybody. I mean, not just the top people, but people like the extras. And like when I like when I watch it, like talk to other people. And I'm just like, wow, like, I hope I can be like that. Or like, I wish everybody was like Vicki, just so kind giving, sharing her knowledge...she's a great example of like, how wrestlers should be or just people in general.”

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