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WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus Talks About Who She Wants To Possibly Face Next & More...

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Trish Stratus Talks About Who She Would Have a Feud With on The Current Roster

“I mean prime or even not prime, I feel like Sasha and I have this like thing that I think fans want to see and I think deep down I would like to see. I love her so much, I respect her as a person and as an athlete and as a performer and as a friend. And, I love what she does in the ring. You know sometimes, when you get in the ring and you know this Sarah, when you get in the ring with someone, sometimes you have this thing. And the thing Amy and I had. Lita and I had that thing when we get into the ring, and Mickie and I… I mean really Mickie and I had it, Amy and I had it, Victoria and I had it. Like, it’s just something you get in there and it’s like ‘oh ok’ something is going to happen… The Rock, Austin that kind of thing. And so when we had a simple face-off at Royal Rumble and people are still buzzing about it how many years later and talking about it like it’s a dream match. And so, I've always said since I have retired, if there was an opportunity for me to go back it would be for something that’s challenging, stimulating, the fans want it. Something that’s exciting and it does something for both parties involved. So she kinda fits the bill in that regard. Not to say I’m coming back, I’m just saying that’s someone that I think...Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks is a nice pairing.”

Trish Stratus Talks About The Possibility of Coming Out of Retirement

“If there is a chance for something that will brew in a certain way, then I’m open to it.”

Trish Stratus Gives Advice To Other Wrestlers About Retiring on Their Own Terms

“I just feel like, it’s important that along your career, stop and do these checks… like fulfillment checks. I guess you can say and think about the balance of everything because I think a lot of time people get caught up in this like, they don’t feel like they’ve got that thing achieved yet in their career. And, so really they kind of have to stop and realize what… sometimes you are in this whirlwind of what you're doing and you don’t realize what you have done. And I know especially with wrestling it’s so intensive, you’re so go, go and you don’t think. But when you stop and go, ‘oh, I did this thing’. Especially us as women, we don’t stop and acknowledge what we have done. Or even when people say you’ve done this great thing, you’re like, ‘no, no no’, it’s like you don’t want to accept it. So be a little more open and aware of what you’ve done and do a little fulfillment check. And realize, have you checked off any goals on your list, what more do you need to be able to be fulfilled, and is that goal attainable.”

Trish Stratus Talks About Who She Think Should Be Inducted Into The WWE HOF

“Yeah, Victoria, Lisa Marie Varon. I don’t know, I’m surprised she hasn’t been inducted yet. I feel like she definitely… she did so much in WWE and then went on to have a whole another career in TNA and she is iconic. ”

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